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Neptune Bath Lift

Neptune Bath Lift

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eight: 9.5kg

A great all-round bath lift

Mountway's Neptune Bath Lift has been designed in close consultation with both professional carers and a variety of users, to ensure that it offers an excellent bathing experience. The Neptune offers impressive legroom, sits low in the bath and is one of the lightest battery-powered bath lifts available. Neptune’s unique design also allows fitment in almost any style of bath, making it a highly versatile and great all-round bath lift.

Suits virtually all baths for an enhanced bathing experience

Seat locates at very back of bath

  • Suitable for short baths and taller users
  • Fewer obstructions for transfer on and off lift

Short footprint

  • Suckers avoid most rippled bath surfaces for stability

Flexible suckers with neat frame and seat

  • Unconstrained fit in narrow and kidney-shaped baths

Contoured side flaps

  • Avoid most bath handles for unobstructed use

Low seat height at bottom of bath

  • Maximises water immersion in shallow baths
  • Good for homes with water meters

Optional extra-wide side flaps

  • Provide safe transfer platform and maximise legroom in corner baths

High seat travel

  • Provides level transfer in deep baths

Easy to move and handle

Total weight of only 9.5kg

  • Reduces risk of moving and handling injuries

Compact design curves around the body

  • Follows guidelines for safe lifting of loads
  • Allows unobstructed view when carrying
  • Space-saving storage at home and in car

Separates into 2 lightweight sections

  • Reduces back strain when fitting and removing
  • Limits stooping or stretching when lifting in and out of bath

Hygienic and simple to clean

Smooth, accessible and crevice-free surfaces

  • Dirt and used water are not trapped
  • Makes cleaning quick and easy

Silver-based antimicrobial solution

  • Protects against harmful bacteria and bathroom mould

Streamlined framework

  • Provides access to bath for cleaning with lift in situ

Safe and easy to use

Waterproof, slim-line hand control

  •  Can be held and operated in one hand
  • Can be easily stuck to most bathroom surfaces

Large, textured rocker switches

  • Easy to operate for people with limited dexterity or visual impairment
  • Can be pressed by heel of hand or elbow

Battery level indicator

  • Monitors when recharging is required

Stop Descent™ feature

  • Will not lower user without enough battery power to rise

Optional telecare alarm system

  • Help can be summoned in a medical emergency when used with Tunstall lifeline 400, 4000+ and Connect+ units

Demonstrations and assessments

Free home demonstrations are available to ensure that you are happy with the Neptune Bath Lift before you buy. Our sales team, located throughout the UK, will happily advise on the suitability of our products through joint assessments and home demonstrations, as well as promptly deal with any questions you may have once you have received your bath lift.


The quality of materials used, combined with control gained through UK manufacture of the Neptune, contributes to it’s long-term cost-effectiveness. The Neptune frame is guaranteed for 5 years, with all other components, excluding the battery, guaranteed for 2 years.  The battery is guaranteed for 1 year.

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